Enchanted Fairy Garden: Fairy Pumpkin House

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Since the days of Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, the harvest has held a special place in fairy tales. Thumbelina emerged from the flower of a barleycorn. Rapunzel was named for the lettuce her father stole from the witch’s garden. And, of course, a pumpkin carriage delivered Cinderella to the ball.

Now our fairy pumpkin house holds something equally precious, a fairy.

More than a shelter from the chill, this dwelling offers a darling hideaway for sprites and elves to watch the seasons change while the garden sleeps.

To create one for your own front stoop, you’ll need: a medium-large gourd, spoon, carving knife, bowl, towel, marker, tea light, lighter, and fairy windows.

Begin by carving a small square on the backside large enough to clean out the pulp and seeds. Once the inside is clean, trace the outline of the fairy window on the front with a marker. From there you will need to carve out the shape of the window and insert the window frame into place. The hard work is done!

Merely add a candle, light, and enjoy!

What finishing touch would you add to this fairy home? 

4 thoughts on “Enchanted Fairy Garden: Fairy Pumpkin House

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  1. Very charming.

    Few thoughts though. Could you do this with a plastic pumpkin as well, and use faux candles that require batteries? Purchase a few once the season is over and have a subdivision of pumpkin fairies ready for Fall?

    Of course one misses out on the wonderful pumpkin seeds you gather by doing this step, or those squeamish about digging out seeds. :o)

  2. Dear Gentle Victorian Trading,

    Sadly, I noticed there are no longer post from you. How I miss your thoughtful notes and the joy of opening each in my email box.

    I do hope you come back and visit with us.

    Please allow me to encourage you as there are those of us that enjoy the warmth and texture you bring into our lives by a mere reply.

    Yours most sincerely,

    ~ a loyal customer

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