The Roots of Superstition

Admit it. There is that token… that little something that eases your mind and comforts your fears.  Adversely, there are also those things that can cause an unexplainable flood of anxiety and tickle that place deep in your imagination with a sense of dread. Horseshoes, 4-leaf clovers, and a rabbit's foot. Black cats, broken mirrors, and... Continue Reading →

The Most Romantic Love Letters Ever Written

Why are love letters so powerful? Why does the written word feel more sincere and passionate than when spoken?  Perhaps it is that intimacy that entwines souls when words, unfurled from the page,  create the most cerebral and intimate connection two people can share. Unlike conversation, a letter can be held and smoldering words can... Continue Reading →

Curiously Crafting with Hair

No doubt, the Victorians engaged in curious practices and pastimes and the commemorative craft of collecting hair for heartfelt creations was no exception to that eccentricity . The fascination with hair was partly due to its longevity.  Flesh and bones would turn to dust but hair kept its color for centuries and remained a lasting... Continue Reading →

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