In Fine Fashion: Symbolism of Victorian Jewelry

Do you know of the hidden gems embedded in Victorian jewelry? Once upon a time, pendants were much more than mere ornaments. They were insignia. Each design carried motifs and qualities with precious meaning, supposedly describing its owner.

Victorian ladies were what they wore, so to speak.

For example, a necklace with a holly design signified truth and instinct. An eye: protection. And so on and so forth. In order to fully appreciate the finery we wear, we’ve compiled a list of each emblem with its significance.

Of the earth

Symbol Meaning
 acorn Acorn Immortality
 27221_large_1 Chrysanthemum Love
 22305_large.jpg Clover Be Mine, Token of Affection
 26556_large.jpg Daisy Purity, Innocence
 holly.jpg Holly Truth, Instinct
 ivy.jpg Ivy Everlasting Love, Marriage, Faithfulness, Friendship
 29138_large.jpg Laurel Leaves Triumph
 11696_large.jpg Lily Innocence, Purity
 21840_large.jpg Mistletoe Nature, Magical, Eternity
 28894_large Oak Strength, Maturity
 20211_large.jpg Pearls Teardrops
 18409_large.jpg Rose Love, Hope, Joy
 24737_large.jpg Spider Wisdom, Hard Work, Prudence
 24400_large.jpg Tree Life, Growth
 28490_large.jpg Violet Faith

Of the sky

Symbol Meaning
 28051_large.jpg Angel Guidance, Strength
 bee.jpg Bee Organization, Efficiency, Community
 butterfly.jpg Butterfly The Soul
 24448_large.jpg Crescent or Moon Female Spirituality, Death & Rebirth
 26702_large.jpg Dove Peace
 28945_large Feather Obedience
 28840_large.jpg Flying Bird The Soul
 28733_large.jpg Owl Vigilance, Wisdom
 26477_large.jpg Star Spirit
26761_large.jpg Dragonfly Prosperity, Courage, Change

Of king and country

Symbol Meaning
 29387_large.jpg Bell Friendship Over Confrontation, Warding Off Evil Spirits
 buckle.jpg Buckle Protection
 cross.jpg Cross Religious
 27163_large.jpg Crown Sovereignty
 28066_large.jpg Dagger Honor & Justice
 22487_large.jpg Eye Protection
 27538_large.jpg Heart Love, Passion, Charity
 28957_large.jpg Key Guardian, Authority
27880_large.jpg Cupid Earthly Love

What does your jewelry say about you?


4 thoughts on “In Fine Fashion: Symbolism of Victorian Jewelry

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  1. I just love the Victorian era. The details that was put into everything. There is a meaning behind every little detail.

  2. Your “dove” is actually a lovely swallow (note the characteristic split tail) with intriguing meaning of its own – I believe due to the species’ habit of always returning home.

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