A Tradition of Tea

In an era when the life expectancy was short, and the child mortality rate was high, the passing of time was keenly felt. Even the ordinary days were cause for celebration, and the little rituals of everyday life became a festivity in their own rite. Teatime was one such ritual…greatly anticipated and acknowledged religiously. While... Continue Reading →

Hot Cross Buns History & Recipe Share

There is a great deal of tradition and lore surrounding hot cross buns. According to some accounts, this sweet dough roll—studded with dried fruit and scored with a cross—dates back to the 12th century, when an English monk was divinely inspired to bestow the Christian sign of the cross upon a batch of rolls in... Continue Reading →

Not your typical valentine…

Here at Victorian Trading Company, we are all about the romance, as were those notoriously sentimental Victorians. But we have likely all weathered one Valentine's Day or another burdened by the sting of unrequited love or lack of romantic prospect. And perhaps the lovey-dovey tidal wave of Feb. 14th intensifies the bitterness of those who are not "feeling... Continue Reading →

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