Meet The Victorian Who Shares Your Birthday

Happy birthday to you and a yet-to-be revealed Victorian! From the creator of Tarzan to business titans, these historic ladies and gentlemen left an impression — perhaps even an invention. . . 1st George Washington Carver, Therese Malfatti 2nd Slava Raškaj 3rd Lucretia Mott 4th Carlo Marochetti 5th Nikolai Medtner 6th Eduard Bernstein 7th Bernadette Soubirous 8th Lawrence Alma-Tadema 9th Lady Randolph Churchill 10th Jacob Schiff 11th James Paget 12th Jack London 13th Ernestine Louise... Continue Reading →

Strange Victorian Occupations for Women

They were wives, yes. They were mothers. But Victorian women accomplished a great deal more than marriage and offspring. The most expensive Fabergé Imperial Egg was created by a 25-year-old female employee named Alma Pihl. Ada Lovelace created the world’s first computer program. Of course, Victoria was the Queen of England and Empress of India. Not all professions were quite so... Continue Reading →

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