White House Romances

It was a night of yes. Yes to the White House masquerade. Yes to a private tour by President John Tyler himself. Yes to hearing the soft strings and lull of party conversation as they ventured further into the candlelit corridors. It was a night of yes for Julia Gardiner until it wasn't at all.... Continue Reading →

Victorian Flirtation Cards

As Valentine's Day rapidly approaches, let us indulge in a brief study of the Victorian art of flirtation… Under the watchful eye of the chaperone, young singles resorted to clandestine forms of communication to make their romantic interest known. Ladies dispatched secret signals with hand fans and gloves whereas young men distributed flirtation cards on the... Continue Reading →

Hanky History

We have all heard the old adage, “Ladies don’t sweat, they glisten.” Well, the dog days of summer are upon us, and glistening has become routine. A handkerchief, that most basic of accessories, has long served the purpose of dabbing a dampened brow. But the full span of its historical significance bears examination. Handkerchiefs are... Continue Reading →

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