The History of Auld Lang Syne

Synonymous with New Year's Eve, Auld Lang Syne imbues nostalgia while evoking a sense of belonging and fellowship. The exact origins of the Scots song are unknown, however, in 1788 poet, Robert Burns published the now-famous poem in volume five of James Johnson’s Scots Musical Museum. Burns, the national poet of Scotland, was a major contributor... Continue Reading →

Santas Around the World

A secretive gift-giver that provides treats and treasures to children in the night has many iterations around the globe. The variations range from a goat to an angelic creature, with the most well known being a jolly elf clad in red. The American image of the ever-jolly present bearer with an effervescent personality, rotund body,... Continue Reading →

Victorian Gift-Giving

No era in history has influenced how we celebrate Christmas, quite as much as the Victorians. Before Queen Victoria’s reign, Christmas celebrations were bleak, or non-existent. Christmas trees went undecorated, Christmas cards not sent, and not many knew of the Jolly Ole Saint Nick. In the same right, the process of giving and receiving gifts... Continue Reading →

A Haunting in Niagara, New York

Someone would walk up the stairs every night, walk down the long hallway, look into each room, and then go into the room at the end. My mom always kept the door to that room closed and she stored things like Christmas presents there. She never explained to my brother and me why we shared... Continue Reading →

Still Cooking

Two decades have passed since Diana first saw in a dream the perfect white house with pillars. The very next day as she took a drive through town, she turned onto a street she was unfamiliar with and was astonished to see the house from her dream. Before long, she had moved into the two-story... Continue Reading →

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