The Poor Man’s Portrait

The silhouette, sometimes referred to as the Poor Man’s Portrait, was a popular form of portraiture in Victorian England. Prior to the introduction of the photograph, painted portraits were reserved for the wealthy, requiring money and hours of sitting. Silhouettes, however, could be completed in mere minutes by skilled silhouette cutters, who advertised the accuracy... Continue Reading →

Creating a Cosy Home

As we await the coming of autumn, we are reminded of crisp cool days, changing leaves, mugs of cider, and crackling fires in the hearth. Ready your home for the new season by adding pieces that will transform your home into a warm and welcoming space. Here are our musings on creating the coziest of... Continue Reading →

Charming Chintz

The term “chintz” has come to imply a broad range of products bearing a vintage floral pattern—most commonly associated with porcelain china and polished upholstery fabric. Favorite patterns were comprised of delicate rose motif with meandering sprig stems connected by tiny hand-painted “spots”. The earliest records indicate that French cotton printers arrived in London in... Continue Reading →

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