Preserving the richness of the most romantic of eras, we capture antiquity in our unique gifts, clothing, and home decor.

This blog offers a glimpse into the heart of our enterprise—the current that moves and shapes us. It is a diary of our favorite historical tidbits and inspirations. A series of portraits, short stories, and musings. We bid you a warm welcome and hope that you will make yourself at home on our blog and website. Furthermore, we delight in getting to know our fellow romantics, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and questions!


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  1. Wonderful, a blog to go with your absolutely amazing products! I love just about everything I see. The quality is top notch. I own several items, from clothes to paintings to jewelry and home decor.
    Utah, USA

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  2. Oh … how delightful ! Just charming items and such a great selection; where shall I begin ? Difficult to choose from everything and certainly I am in dire need of appropriate cards and proper stationary to complement my Victorian home in Historic Harriman, TN. Thank you so much for this great PLACE ! Bless U. Bonnie K. Holly

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  3. Wonderful blog, Amazing products! I am absolutely in love with this time era and as always, Victorian Trading Company never disappoints! Thank you so much for this lovely website! ☺



  4. I was watching your comments today about the beautiful cup and the words to the hymn, It is well with my Soul. Horatio Spafford wrote the words to this hymn after his four daughter were lost at sea when the ship sank. His wife survived.


  5. I have just this minute signed up here. I think I am going to like it a LOT. Until I came across this site I had no idea what beautiful things I would find. .I didn’t realize that I must be a Victorian, heart and soul.

    I think I am going to really like it here. I am a widow but my sign is quite the watch dog when it comes to me spending money so I will have be careful and not allow my inner shopaholic off the leash.

    I tell myself that sometimes looking is just as good as acquiring. (I don’t really believe that, needless to say).



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