Your Victorian Love Match As Told By The Stars

Looking for a love as deep as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s, and renowned for centuries? Or maybe one reminiscent of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet? Leave your chances to the stars to discover your Victorian zodiac love match.

Aries – Emmeline Pankhurst

As an Aries, you need your other half to listen and dote on you. Also as a sign who needs your alone time, you need someone who is okay with individuality and can have their own life. As such, who better than Emmeline Pankhurst as your match. A compatible Cancer, Emmeline is a strong individual, ready to stand up for others. She will listen to your needs and is completely fine with leaving you to your own devices when you need your space. 

Taurus – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Feeling stable in a relationship is of the utmost importance to a Taurus, on top of feeling loved and comforted, of course. The same could be said for Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who faced many trials with her health in her youth. Elizabeth bodes a spirit that would enjoy the comfortable love of a stable relationship. Her words would leave you swooning in the glow of love after reciting her poem “How Do I Love Thee?”.

Gemini – John Cadbury

What a treat! Who better to serve your Gemini spirit than the head of the Cadbury chocolate dynasty? A Gemini needs someone who can match their intellect, but also willing to have some fun. After all, we shouldn’t take everything so seriously! John’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative ideas for sweets that have taken the world by storm, is sure to leave any Gemini wanting more.

Cancer – William Wordsworth

A Cancer looks for someone worthy of their emotions, who they can count on, and who feels responsible for them. With someone as in tune with their feelings as William Wordsworth, you are sure to have an emotional connection. His dedication to supporting family will keep you feeling secure in your relationship with someone responsibly caring.

Leo – Lewis Carroll

Every Leo needs someone to keep things exciting and adventurous. Lewis Carroll will take you on exciting adventures through whimsical worlds unknown to anyone else. His passion for literature and imagination would certainly keep you on your toes. His travels across the world in his later years will surely match your need for adventure.

Virgo – Marie Curie

It’s important for a Virgo to be with someone with a strong work ethic. Who has a stronger work ethic than Marie Curie, a multi-nobel prize winner and the first female professor of the University of Paris? Her dedication to her work calls to your need for a practical partner who desires stability. Your influences from the earth are an excellent match to Marie’s scientific mind.

Libra – Jane Austen

Libras need a strong mental connection with their lovers. There is nothing as endearing as arguing your favourite parts of a historical novel with your life partner. Jane Austen will meet you thought for thought and argument for argument. You don’t need gifts of grandeur but simply someone who challenges you, earning a connection of mind, body, and soul. Perhaps Jane was creating the characters of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in the image of you.

Scorpio – Prince Albert

Look out Queen Victoria, Prince Albert has a new match. A Scorpio needs to take the lead and be the star in a relationship. Albert’s Virgo Sun is sure to shine his light on all of your glory. Your passions are matched by his earnest support for the things you find important. While you know your worth, it’s nice to have the support of someone who will stand with you in your efforts, worshiping you like the queen you are.

Sagittarius – Oscar Wilde

As a Sagittarius you need empathy and understanding in a partner. While some might see this as neediness, Oscar Wilde knows what it feels like to be misunderstood. Oscar’s studies of philosophy and literature, along with his own spiritual journey bring out an emotional side you crave. 

Capricorn – Florence Nightingale

Capricorns are searching for someone who will be reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated. Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and known as “The Lady with the Lamp,” is a perfect match to your needs. Her basis in statistics and factual knowledge will ground you when you need it most. Florence’s reliability will also give you relief when you are looking for a light in the dark. 

Aquarius – Queen Victoria

Aquarius is another sign who needs someone to match them intellectually in a relationship. Queen Victoria will be your romantic confidant, spending passionate days sharing your ideas to build a strong kingdom. You share your need for individuality, happy to share the spotlight with one another.

Pisces – Anne Bronte

Pisces are highly emotional individuals who need someone who understands them. Anne Bronte, a compatible Capricorn, understands the importance of emotional intelligence. Delving through many of her own obstacles in life, she needs someone as emotionally compatible as you. Spend your days creating your own worlds of poignantly sensitive characters while appreciating your bond of empathy and passionate love.

While you may be born a century or so too late to meet your Victorian match, you can always look to the stars to discover what you need, and deserve, in your romantic relationships.

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