What is Your Teacup Trying to Tell You?

The next time you take a sip of tea, you might want to consider what oracles are lurking within your cup. Though the practice is simple, the messages are often profound, and curious minds have been enchanted by tasseography for centuries.  The ancient art of reading tea leaves has been making teacups into crystal balls across the globe for as long as the mind has been inquisitive about what the future may hold.  With a little coaching, and a dash of magic, you might be able to understand what those clumps of tea leaves are trying to tell you.  

The tools needed are quite simple.  You will need a teacup, loose tea, hot water and a bit of intuition.  There is no specific tea that is more mystical than another although some people prefer a finer leaf so that the images are easier to read.  Allow the leaves to float around the cup while they steep.  Enjoy the aroma and allow your thoughts to focus on what you want to know. A little manifesting never hurts and once you open your mind, there is no telling what you might find.  

Savor your tea and try not to drink too many of the loose tea leaves so that you have something left to read. Leave a tablespoon in the cup to swirl the leaves and when you are finished, turn the cup upside down in the saucer and turn it clockwise 3 times . This is a traditional practice and the ritual only makes the outcome seem all the more inspired by some otherworldly realm.  Once the cup is flipped, Viola! You have your future before you!

Do not be too hard on yourself if you struggle to find the symbols.  Along with this ancient practice, there have been generations of “seers” who were experts on reading what was beholden to them and they enjoyed reputations as gifted mystics.  Cut yourself a bit of slack as a newcomer to this lost art and enjoy the journey of this odd education before you throw in the towel and the teacup.   

When I first embarked upon this curious adventure, I was so discouraged.  I expected to find neat little pictures that looked like the ones in my chart.  I came to realize that half the fun was in the imagination and the searching.  If there were oracles hiding in the sludge of those tea leaves, it was not going to be a cut and dried process.  I had to open my heart and my mind to the possibilities of what might be looking back at me.  

Here are some examples of what to look for when trying to identify the key symbols of tea leaf reading:

Tasseography Symbols on the Cup of Destiny

  • Anchor: true friends or faithful relationship, possible travel
  • Bird: breaking away
  • Cat: reflection and understanding one’s needs and wants in life
  • Clover: Good fortune
  • Dog: Good, true friend; at bottom, friend needs help.
  • Envelope: Money is soon coming to you
  • Eye: Look sharp; be cautious; you could be psychic
  • Flower: Compliments, tokens of love and esteem
  • Heart: good things to come, such as money (if surrounded by dots) or marriage (if with a ring)
  • Horseshoe: success in choosing a partner; a lucky trip
  • House: Security and safety; privacy
  • Key: Ready to unlock potential or opportunity
  • Man: Near handle, a visitor; elsewhere, abundance or triumph
  • Moon: New ideas or new project
  • Ring: marriage; or commitment
  • Skull: Life is full of power and blessings
  • Sun: Peace of mind or enlightenment
  • Triangle: good luck or an unexpected inheritance 
  • Woman: important decision to make

This is tasseography in a nutshell. Relax and open your mind and imagination to what the universe might be trying to tell you and never take your readings too seriously. The art of tea reading is a parlor game to be enjoyed rather than obeyed.  May your water be hot, your tea leaves inspired and your fortunes be bright!  

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  1. I love all the various articles written on this site. Always so interesting to see how people lived, what they believed Seems like such a romantic time.

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