Have Your Own Victorian Celebration!

Host your own Victorian Celebration! A few scrumptious treats, savoury platters of delicacies and some raucous parlour games are sure to be a welcomed respite from our digital age.

Parlour Games

In the Victorian Era, a party was not complete without games to entertain and delight youths & adults alike. Have your own fun by playing a few of the following games at your soiree!

Blindman’s Buff

parlour-games-the-allrounder-9-e1450640609489-1050x841-1-999x800Blindfold one of the players while all other guests scatter around the room. To start, the blind man is spun around several times. The blindfolded person must attempt to catch someone. When they capture a player, they have to give their identity. If they get it right then, the captured player takes the blindfold and play continues. If the blind man is unable to identify who they have captured, the prisoner is freed, and the game continues.

Hunt the Slipper


A player stands in the centre of a circle formed by the other players. The player in the middle closes his eyes. As he does so the slipper is passed from player to player behind their backs. When the person in the middle opens his eyes, the passing of the slipper immediately stops, and the player must guess who holds the slipper. If he is correct, they change places; otherwise the player closes his eyes again, and the game continues.



One person is chosen to leave the room (he is called the judge). All the other players must place a small personal item into a box. The “judge” is brought back into the room. He picks up an item and describes it. The owner must identify himself and pay a forfeit – do something amusing/embarrassing – to win back their object.


Recipes: A Victorian SpongeBread and Butter Pudding, Gypsy Tart

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 3.52.22 PM.png

Recipe: Wassail


Recipes: Roast Goose, Raised Game Pie, and Beef Stew


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