Enchanted Fairy Gardens: Midsummer Night Fairy Garden


Nights are made forever young with fairies nearby.

A flickering glow reflects off silvery wings, casting faint shadows. Dangling prisms seem to hold the same enchantment of dreamcatchers. Furthermore, airy moss abates the pointed lace trim for an utter ethereal piece.

Read on for secrets to creating your own luminary hanging fairy garden.

The Materials 

How does one create a garden that appears like a dream? To begin, our lace pedestal luminary presents itself as the ideal principle piece. Its distressed finish lends a calming appearance that a stark white hue simply wouldn’t oblige.

Of course, to complete the candleholder, a waxing poetic flicker flame candle (small) is needed to nest inside.

As if in slumber, a sisterhood of midsummer’s night fairies inspires serenity. Final essentials include: 18 gage dark wire with which to hang the fairies, two AA batteries to light the faux candle, and moss to garnish.

Consider This 

A minimal color scheme suggests an assortment of moss or perhaps lichen be used for an additional hue.

Design the Scene 

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Employ a pair of wire cutters to snip the _______ wire into three strands with each strand measuring 8″ in length. Fashion both ends of the wire into hooks. One hook should be fastened to the lace metalwork rim and lay across the middle of the candleholder.

Then slide one fairy charm onto the open hook and pinch it closed.

Continue this practice with the remaining wire strands. Be sure to place them in a way that each crosses over another at the center.

Once all three charms are dangling, introduce patches of moss to the base rim of the holder. Tuck gingerly into the space between the glass and framework.

Consider This 

Lest the moss appear to be entrapped from within, leave the glass container barren save the candle.

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Final Details  Illuminary Hanging Fairies

As you embellish the piece, do not strive for a kept appearance. A natural border will do wonders to soften the pointed lace borders.

Consider This 

Enjoy this hanging garden on your porch as dusk approaches on a midsummer night.

What kind of fairy scenes inspire you? Share your ideas. 

6 thoughts on “Enchanted Fairy Gardens: Midsummer Night Fairy Garden

Add yours

  1. Charming in the simplicity and activation of fairies. It looks like they are going around a May pole.

    Just a suggestion, but if one can carefully take off the fairies from the wire and one has a young child or children, to tell them the fairies have taken off for the weekend. So, when they return, say on a Sunday, there are some small *treat* for the child/ children. (tootsie roll, travel size candy) If they happen to complain it was only one piece or one piece for each, share with them the fairies had to work very hard together in order to bring the joy to them. In return it will teach them to be thankful for small things and in that way, you keep the magic of childhood alive for you and small children.

    Three cheers for small and precious things in life!

  2. This is a lovely idea. One comment: I would either get silver colored wire or make the moss cover all of it, even the silver loops on the chains of the fairies.

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