Enchanted Garden: Gnome Hollow

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Legend tells that garden gnomes were the protectors of hidden fortune.

As that may be, we are of the mind that the gnomes are the true treasure. They must be. Ever-watchful and laboring, our bearded trio takes the much-deserved position as guardians.

With such dedication, it only seems natural that they should be rewarded. This is why a hollowed home has been designed solely for them.

Should you wish to bestow such a gift to your own, follow the steps to recreate this scene.

The Materials 


A quaint enchanted stump planter provides a unique container, keeping to the theme of wooded whimsy. Its shape lends a scale to the remainder of items to be selected.

Our residents are known as the Woodland Gnomes. Each character of the trio presents a kindly (if not comical) personality. Their coloring perfectly fits with the earthy scheme. Meanwhile, an assortment of glazed toadstool stakes inspire a magical element.

Consider This 

Be certain not to overcrowd your planter with too many novelty products or plants. You’ll want the space to design a footpath.

Choose The Best Plants 

Elect to use familiar greenery for your gnomes’ comfort. Earthen hues in miniature ferns and succulents were prominent in our landscape.

What must be kept in mind is that, while employing the enchanted stump as a planter is unique, it offers little depth and no drainage. Therefore, be mindful to select plants with shallow roots. And when watering, use a spray bottle over a watering can.

Consider This 

Plant faux flowers and greenery in place of true flora for easier tending.

Design The Scene 

Place Knomes

By depositing and smoothing nutrient soil into the basin, you’ll ready the floor of your miniature garden.

It comes quite recommended that the tallest plants be placed toward the back of the basin. Done this way, the vegetation acts as a wall for the garden scene.

Arrange the three gnomes atop. However, you may wish to set aside the glazed mushroom stakes for finishing touches.

Consider This 

Build levels to disguise the modest size of the enchanted stump planner if you so choose. This will present the garden as larger and enhance the depth of details.

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Build Your Own Little World 

Take up a trowel or make use of your hands to scoop away dirt, then begin to plant your last embellishments of greenery. Upon completion, adjust any materials that may have been moved during the process.

At this time, post the mushroom stakes to incorporate a garnish of color.

Consider This 

Don’t fret over empty patches. Pebbles here and there will serve well to fill the spaces and enliven the garden with bright tones.

Final Details 

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Now for embellishments!

Line a curved path with river stones. Fill the walkway with pebbles and enjoy the sensation of each slipping through your fingers.

Decorate with moss, spread colored pebbles, place toadstools, and admire the merry home you’ve created.

Consider This 

As gnomes are rather friendly creatures, you may wish to place your garden upon the porch or in a room where you will often be able to observe their antics or share gardening tips.

What tips do you have for creating a fairy garden?

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  1. It looks like so much fun!

    Thank you, Victorian Trading for always having pleasant articles, intriguing stories, and fun items on your blog. I always look forward to the pleasure of reading and drawing inspirational thought that travels with me after being here.

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