Enchanted Fairy Gardens: The Toad Prince Garden


Truly spellbinding. . . As if from a fairy tale illustration, a garden revives childhood fantasies.

Whimsical, lush greenery lends itself to a pleasant sanctuary. A fairy swings, delighting in the magic of nature. Meanwhile, a watchful toad prince takes up his post in the shade of verdure.

Learn the secrets to creating your own enchanted garden.

The Materials

Perhaps it is not the castle the toad prince is accustomed, but a terra-cotta basin presents an enchanting new realm.

For our toad prince, none other could be chosen than Thaddeaus the Toad. His form lends a scale for other items selected and pairs nicely with the swinging fairy.

Companionable elements include the wee willow garden kit, twinkle rice lights, glazed toadstool stakes, plants, bark, and mosses and pebbles of different colors. Each component marries fantasy with reality.

Consider This 

Be certain not to overcrowd your planter with too many novelty products or plants. You’ll want the space to design a footpath.

Choose the Best Plants 

Placing Vine 2

Because of its accommodating size, a myriad of plants can be employed to fill the terra-cotta basin. However, as a container, it offers little depth and no drainage. Vegetation with shallow roots will serve this garden well.

A climbing vine would be lovely intertwined to the arbor.

Consider This

When watering, elect to use a spray bottle over a watering can.

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Design the Scene 

Large Plants

Establish a level setting. By depositing and smoothing nutrient soil into the terra-cotta basin, you’ll ready the floor of your fairy garden. Then arrange the materials where you so wish.

It comes quite recommended that the tallest plants be placed toward the back of the basin. (Should you include a vine, set it near the arbor to thread it through the arch.) Done this way, the vegetation acts as a wall for the garden scene.

Of course, symmetry implores one to place the swinging fairy to one side and the Thaddeaus the toad to the other for balance.

Surround the items with succulents and miniature blooms.

Consider This 

You will, perhaps, be wise to more firmly press the soil where you intend to position the white seating furniture as they might sink.

Build Your Own Little World

Take up a trowel or make use of your hands to scoop away dirt, then begin to plant both the greenery and rice lights. Line the planter and position the strings so that it will illuminate the coming pathway.

Soften the light by covering the bulb with pinches of moss.

Upon completion, adjust any materials that may have been moved during the process.

Consider This

Don’t fret over empty patches. Pebbles here and there will serve well to fill the spaces and enliven the garden with natural, bright tones.

Final Details 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now for embellishments!

Line a curved path with bark. Fill the walkway with moss. Chips of bark will prove excellent for landscaping around a bonsai tree.

Decorate spread colored pebbles, place toadstools, and admire the darling sanctuary that you’ve created.

Consider This

Place your garden in the sun room. The rays will nourish your garden with light and the quiet will provide your fairies with a fair amount of privacy.

What fairy garden theme is your favourite?


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