Enchanted Fairy Gardens: The Birdbath Garden


Peer into a daydream come to life.

A fairy garden unfolds under a verdure canopy. Its charm awakening childhood imaginings and hopes of what if. . . ?  Your eyes follow a path of bark and pebbles to where a pixie swings.

This, serene haven is her home, and your sweet escape. And here, you’ll discover the steps to recreate this scene.

The Materials


Chose for it’s mossy coloring and large basin, the faux bois birdbath provides a unique container keeping to the theme of wooded whimsy. As a scale for other items, a central figure (our swinging fairy) is selected.

A home is found for her within the stonewall door; the slumbering fairy, a companion of which to share it.

Companionable elements include the leaflet canopy bed, glazed toadstool stakes, plants, bark, and mosses and pebbles of different colors. Each component  marries fantasy with reality.

Consider This

Be certain not to overcrowd your planter with too many novelty products or plants. You’ll want the space to design a footpath.

Choose The Best Plants


Abide by the coloration in the materials. Green, of course, being the most prominent hue require miniature ferns and the like. To complement the pinks of the fairy, soft purple blooms enter the landscape.

What must be kept in mind is that, while employing a birdbath as a container is unique, it offers little depth and no drainage. Therefore, be mindful to select plants with shallow roots. And when watering, elect to use a spray bottle over a watering can.

Consider This

Lest your fairy garden become a jungle, remember that some plants will depend upon a trim now and again.

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Design the Scene 

Step 1

Rich soil should fill your birdbath to the brim and be patted (but not packed) for a level setting. Once smoothed, arrange the materials atop where you intend station them.

As the largest piece, it is best suited for the stonewall door to be placed toward the back of the scene with the tallest plant directly behind it. This provides a wall of sorts for the garden.

Designate the swinging fairy to one side and the the slumbering fairy within her leaflet canopy bed to the other. Surround the items with lush vegetation.

You will, perhaps, be wise to set aside the glazed mushroom stakes for finishing touches.

Consider This

Do leave the middle of the planter bare for a path to the fairy’s home.

Build Your Own Little World


Take up a trowel or make use of your hands to scoop away dirt, then begin to plant. Upon completion, adjust any materials that may have been moved during the process.

Consider This

Don’t fret over empty patches. Pinches of moss here and there will serve well to fill the spaces and enliven the garden with natural, bright tones.

For the fairy. . . Create a birdbath garden to enjoy all year long! TwitterLogo_2017

Final Details


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now for embellishments!

Line a curved path with river stones. Fill the walkway with pebbles and enjoy the sensation of each slipping through your fingers. Chips of bark will prove excellent stepping “stones” for your flower fairies.

Decorate with moss, spread colored pebbles, place toadstools, and admire the merry home you’ve created.

Consider This

Place your garden in the sun room. The rays will nourish your garden with light and the quiet will provide your fairies with a fair amount of privacy.

Where do flower fairies live near you?

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