The Art Of Matchmaking: Truths Every Matchmaker Knows

Many a fantasy has stripped reality of charm.

Such is the case with matchmaking Emma Woodhouse. Her expectations in the way of romance leaves her thoroughly disenchanted. The couple she carefully orchestrated fall away in strife. So burdened was she by these defeats that in Chapter 16 she claims, “It was wrong, to take so active a part in bringing any two people together.”

Had Emma taken to heart these matchmaking truths, she and her matches would have faired far better.

This final installment lends insight to unassuming lies on may believe when bringing good people together.

1. Two halves do not necessarily make a whole.


Tempting as it might be, unattached individuals should not be paired solely for the convenience of their unmarried status. Eligibility does not forebode compatibility.

Harmonious matches occur when persons share five mainstay qualities.

E M M A ‘ S  F O L L Y //  Emma saw Mr. Elton without a wife and determined he be wed to unmarried Harriet Smith.

Cross your heart & hope to matchmake? Read these 4 matchmaking truths. TwitterLogo_2017

2. The more you do for some people, the less they do themselves.


Not all are inclined to heart work.

Perhaps out of fear or slothfulness and by his/her own accord, a person chooses to withhold efforts in the way of romance. This misfortune is by no fault of the matchmaker.

E M M A ‘ S  W I S D O M  //  Emma, after arranging time Mr. Elton and Harriet Smith, leaves him free of a romantic prodding.

Chapter eleven says, Mr. Elton must now be left to himself. It was no longer in Emma’s power to superintend his happiness or quicken his measures. . . There are some people, who the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves. 

3. Beauty is subjective.1280px-Anders_Zorn_-_The_Embrace_1882-83

Attraction brings great value to a romantic relationship.

As such, physical preferences should not be weighed before orchestrating a match. For instance, should a lady by predisposed to blond men, it would be contrary to suggest a man with raven hair.

To abide by matchmaking etiquette, listen to the qualities a person values in a romantic partner.

E M M A ‘ S  F O L L Y //  Emma failed to recognize the qualities Harriet admired in farmer Robert Martin. Instead she discouraged her friend’s interest.

4. It is our imperfections that make us perfect for each other.Copy of 17295839490_8fb46b05b9_b

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There will be no perfect couple.

From it’s beginning, the art of matchmaking has never functioned under the agenda of true love. In fact, matchmakers in history joined couples under the precedence of commitment.

Could a couple forgive one another for their faults? Could they humble themselves to sacrifice for one another? Could they weather “for worse”? If the answer lied in the affirmative, commitment eclipsed compatibility for better.

E M M A ‘ S  F O L L Y //  Emma convinced herself that she could never be more than a friend in Mr. Knightley’s eyes. After all of his blames and lectures, she could never hope.

Do you intend to matchmake one day?

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