12 Ways to Have a Victorian Summer

No one is daring anyone to wear a corset on a hellish day.

Below a list of activities unfolds sure to introduce yesteryear charm and delight. For you are, as poet Henry David Thoreau said, about to be “rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days.”

However shall you occupy them? Perhaps. . .

Play a game of croquet



Go for a Sunday drive



Swing in a hammock



Paint a landscape



Audition for a play



Keep a goldfish



Visit the conservatory



Cycle away an afternoon

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Spend time on the water



Host a picnic



Attend the circus



Hand-gather a bouquet



What excites you most about summertime?



14 thoughts on “12 Ways to Have a Victorian Summer

Add yours

  1. I could just lose myself in those paintings! What a great selection to pair with the “Victorian summer” activities. Sailing, cycling and picnicking would be my choices. ๐Ÿ‘’๐ŸŒ‚๐ŸŽฉ

  2. Sitting on a porch swing, or lawn chair drinking lemonade, reading a book on a blanket under an old oak maple tree, promenade with friends on the beach, walking on the sidewalk of an old town, napping under an awning on a hot day, tea with friends in the house with the doors opened.

  3. Summer activities would include; pressing wild flowers and ferns/leaves, making assorted iced tea and lemonades, drying fruits, roses and herbs. Creating herbal tinctures, essential oils, blends of teas, potpourri for my storage of linen and handkerchiefs. Mastering a different hair style. Embellish my summer wardrobe with new buttons or trimmings of lace. Weekly outings of a local gallery, museum or sightseeing attraction. Enjoy a good book in the outdoors or a card game of solitaire. Leisurely long walks in the early, golden mornings discovering natureโ€™s treasures, and capturing glowing fireflies in the warmth of the late velvet of the eve. Counting the cricket chirps and figuring what the present temperature is. Savoring the sweet sounds of yesteryear music playing softly.

  4. What beautiful paintings! My idea of summer is the heady scent of the roses, afternoon tea in the gardens. Picnics on the beach and sand in your toes. Evenings of lit candles in glass lanterns hung up with ribbons along the garden fence, sharing thoughts and poems with friends over a fine bottle of crisp white wine.

  5. Gathering tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash out of the garden and serving them sliced on a flowery plate for supper.

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