Divinely Beautiful Names For Your Cat or Kids If You Love “Anne of Green Gables”

Cordelia of Green Gables.

Imagine if Marilla had indulged her young charge of such a fancy. Anne with an “e,” might never have come to be. At least, not in today’s iconic capacity.

And what a shame that would have been since Anne fits her “to a T. Or should [it] be E?” says the Anne of Green Gable’s Blog in its post What’s In A Name?

Names matter a great deal. Knowing this to be true, it’s no wonder our heroine said, “I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I’ve never been able to believe it. I don’t believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.”

Which divinely beautiful name will you choose?

 Name Meaning Note


Full of grace With an “e”


River by a field A town with a lake of shining waters, lover’s lane, and white way of delight.


Cheerful, happy Surname of Gilbert who makes one’s heart very blithe indeed.


Fair-haired  A family of kindred spirits.


Free man Schoolhouse friend Charlie Sloane carried a torch for Anne similar to Gilbert. He even proposed.


Heart The name Anne liked best.


Divine, heavenly A bosom friend with raven hair.


Hazelnut Victorian actress Evelyn Nesbit inspired L. M. Montgomery as she created the character of Anne.


Little rival A student of Anne’s at Kingsport Ladies’ College.


Wise Best friend to Gilbert Blythe, husband to Diana.


Triangular-pitched roof Significant for Green Gables, a place with plenty of scope for the imagination.


Bright pledge  No one has ever regretted calling a girl a vegetable so much.


Holy field Inspiration for the city of Kingsport where Redmond College is located.


A fireside  “It isn’t too old a house … too old houses are sad. And it isn’t too young … too young houses are crude. It’s just mellow. I love every room in it. Every one has some fault but also some virtue … something that distinguishes it from all the others … gives it a personality.” – Anne Blythe


A woman Quiet friend who wed a millionaire.

 Josie (Josephine)

May Jehovah add  A wish-washy young lady who simply won’t be liked.


Pure  An educator who learns a great deal from Anne.


Born at dawn  For author Lucy Maud (without the “e”) Montgomery.


Shining sea A kindred spirit after all.


Gift of Yahweh Once bought 20lbs. of brown sugar.


A farmer Friend to both Anne and Gilbert. Moody Spurgeon MacPherson studied to be a minister like his namesakes.


Ancient A classmate of Anne’s and pet student of Mr. Phillips.


Female ruler Popular for the Queen Anne’s Lace of Prince Edward Island, but also  Queen’s Academy, where many Avonlea students studied.


Ewe  No truer friend to Marilla.


Red A beauty of Avonlea who was friends with Anne, Diana, and Jane.


From the white meadow Ann(e) Shirley has a very bad temper.


Productive A teacher who explained to Anne that “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.”


A brownish orange red hue Term for red hair, a life long sorrow as you well know.


Violet The souls of good amethysts


Rules the people Anne’s biological father, a teacher who died of fever

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Who are your favourite characters from Anne of Green Gables?

10 thoughts on “Divinely Beautiful Names For Your Cat or Kids If You Love “Anne of Green Gables”

Add yours

  1. My brother, dad, and grandpa are all Freds.
    I love Cordelia, Violet, Ruby, & Shirley. Evelyn & Stacy are also quite nice.

  2. I loved Anne of Green Gables and read all of the books. When I was a young girl, I changed the spelling of my name every week; Beverley, Beverlee…my father would inquire, Miss Beverly, how are we spelling your name this week?

  3. My favorite characters are Anne (of course) and Matthew. My grandmother was a Violet; I always thought that a romantic name, although Grandmother didn’t seem particularly romantic to me!

  4. Given the list of names from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne books, for myself, I would have to choose the name Anne with an e. My choice is obvious, my given name: Suzanne already contains “anne”, and like Anne, I too was a dreamer and very imaginative little girl growing up.

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