Still Cooking

Two decades have passed since Diana first saw in a dream the perfect white house with pillars. The very next day as she took a drive through town, she turned onto a street she was unfamiliar with and was astonished to see the house from her dream.

Before long, she had moved into the two-story house, but discovered that she was afraid to go upstairs. Something about the top floor gave her the creeps. “It was as if it were haunted,” she said.


One morning, Diana got out of bed, and as she padded barefoot into the kitchen, she smelled bacon cooking. There in the middle of the room was an older woman smiling kindly at her. “Good morning, dear,” the woman chirped. “Would you like breakfast?”

The sound crackling bacon filled the air as she stared at the woman. She was grandmotherly with short, softly curled white hair. She was wearing an apron. It was white with two big pockets, trimmed in cobalt blue, and there were little flowers all over it.

As the smiling woman waited for a response, Diana found herself politely replying, “No, thank you.”

The image was so vivid that all these year later, Diana can still picture it. “It was as if she belonged there.” It seemed like the most natural scene in the world – until Diana remembered that she didn’t know the woman.

The next time Diana saw her landlord, she told him about the odd occurrence.“Oh,” he said nonchalantly. “That was just my mom. She lived there until she died.”


Adapted from the book Ghosts Among Us by Leslie Rule.

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  1. The ghost of the man who built one of my former houses came and visited me one night. I guess he was okay with how I took care of the house because he never returned and did not disturb me. I told a neighbor about the incidence and described the ghost, and he told me it was Smitty, the man who built it.

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