Alice’s Grave

Alice’s family was very prominent in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. When she had her coming-out party, her brother, who was studying to be a doctor, brought a friend who was working his way through school. When he and Alice met, they fell in love.

They got engaged, but because his social standing was so far below that of her family, she was forbidden to see the young man again. She hid her engagement ring on a chain around her neck.

A few months later, Alicegravestone-378673_960_720 caught malaria. Because her family was in Europe at the time, her brother came from Charleston to take care of her. During the course of her delirium, her brother was sponging her down in an attempt to lower her fever when he came across the ring around her neck. He ripped it off her neck and threw it down the stairwell.

Alice went up and down the stairwell looking for her ring, all the while reducing her strength. Within weeks she died from the disease. As she had disgraced her family, her grave was marked with only her first name.

Since her death, a misty figure with a long white dress and long blond hair has been seen around the house where Alice died. They say if you wear a ring and walk the well-worn path around her tombstone backward, you’ll see her ghost rise up, turning the ring on your finger to see if it’s her missing ring.


Adapted from the book Haunted Houses by Corinne May Botz.

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  1. Such a poignant story….So sad people were interfered with in their lives….we should all choose for love !!😀💖

  2. Absolutely enjoyed the love story! I feel impelled to visit her grave site . . as something very similar happened to me when I became engaged. I had to hide my ring as well. My story has a happy ending as I did marry the gentleman that my family initially shunned, and he is now well-liked and accepted by all. Our 28 years of wedded bliss has proven itself, tried and true ! Never ever give up.

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