Creating a Cosy Home

As we await the coming of autumn, we are reminded of crisp cool days, changing leaves, mugs of cider, and crackling fires in the hearth. Ready your home for the new season by adding pieces that will transform your home into a warm and welcoming space.

Here are our musings on creating the coziest of homes.

Seek plush, upholstered furniture. If you cannot envision yourself curled up on a sofa or chair with a book and a cup of tea, keep searching!


To add warmth, incorporate soft, touchable elements such as plush rugs, warm throws, and fluffy pillows. Add texture by mixing and matching different materials.


Choose warm, neutral wall colors for serenity and quiet.

Be sure to add multiple light sources, such as table lamps with ‘warm’ bulbs, setting the stage for intimate gatherings with guests or a night in.


Use softly glowing candles to fill the air with the delicious fragrances of fall.


Light a crackling fire in the fireplace (or create the illusion of one with a gas or electric fireplace!).

20185 fireplace

Add sentimental and antique accents, including family photos, to make any house feel like a home.



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