The Summer Journals

Forever in pursuit of the beautiful and obscure…the latest obsessions from your friends at Victorian Trading Co.


Melissa…Foundress & Hopeless Romantic


“Ah, to sprawl on a pieced cotton quilt under a shade tree… I stock my wicker hamper with epicurean olives, sharp cheese, cherries, chilled ginger beer and dark chocolate toffee.”

SHOP —Two-of-a-Kind Heart Picnic Basket


“Lest there be a pesty picnic crasher looming in the clover, Nature’s Cloak is a delightfully aromatic repellant blended with essential oils of rose geranium, lavender, lemon tea tree and cedar wood that summon a faraway childhood summer day spent wandering in a flower-ridden field.”

SHOP —Nature’s Cloak Insect Repellent


“There are no words to convey how sublime my cocoon silk throw is to the touch…an inducer of lovely dreams. I keep one in my office on the feather daybed when a nap is stolen from my busy day.”

SHOP—Little Piece of Heaven Silk Sublime Throw


Julie…Product Design Diva


“No matter where my travels take me, this suitcase cover not only protects my bag but announces my individuality.  It is perfect for the savvy traveler and you will be the envy of the baggage claim carousel.”

SHOP—Still Life with Flowers Luggage Cover


“Partly because the Frenchie in the picture is my very own Gigi, I will say that this pearl collar is a show-stopper. It is sure to make your dog feel ‘fetching’ and bring out your dog’s inner Diva.”

SHOP—Opulent Pet Leash


“My little secret.  Such a fun way to feel feminine and make naughty a nice practicality. It really stays up and holds my essentials and frees my hands so that I can use them to talk.”

SHOP—Secret Stash Garter


Andrea…Marketing Mademoiselle


“I’ve always been drawn to colored glass, as it reminds me of my mother’s Depression-era glassware. Love this combination of pretty jewel-tones.”

SHOP—Belvedere Stemware


“This nightgown is so romantic, and I love the delicate lace details. My aunts always told me that yellow is a redhead’s best color!”

SHOP—Buttercup Nighty


These notebooks are almost too pretty to write in. I’m a list-maker, so these will certainly come in handy.”

SHOP—Birds of a Feather Notebook Set


Linda…New Product Fairy Godmother


“I love that something as fragile as found butterfly wings are given new life in a way that celebrates their ethereal beauty.”

 SHOP—Rothschild Butterfly Pendant Necklace


“Every time I see this cunning glassware it makes me smile…and when it’s filled with my beverage of choice, I can’t help but be an optimist.”

SHOP—Optimist-Pessimist Glass Tumbler


“Everyone who knows me knows that I love cookies. These delicious almond-flavored cookies, made using a German Springerle mold by the Sisters of St. Benedict in Indiana, are little works of art.”

 SHOP—Baked in a Convent Almerle Cookies


Carrie…Merchandising Maven


“I enjoy entertaining family and friends, especially during the laid-back summer months.  We spend many an evening around the fire pit in our patio. Presentation is part of the fun, can’t wait to see the expressions when drinks are served.”

SHOP—Willow Beverage Serving Set


“I love these lanterns.  They are beautiful, eliminate the need for batteries, and are solar powered.”

SHOP—Solar Lacy Lantern


“Fun for all ages!  I enjoy having something special for all my guests, can’t wait to see reactions from my daughters, nieces, nephews, and friends.”

SHOP—Ant Appetizer Picks


Diane…Belle of the Boutique


“Lake-bound…that is where you will find me this summer. On my dock, in the hammock, listening to tunes.”

SHOP—Parisian Barefoot Sandals


SHOP—Wedding Hammock


SHOP—Opaline Earbuds


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