Not your typical valentine…


Here at Victorian Trading Company, we are all about the romance, as were those notoriously sentimental Victorians. But we have likely all weathered one Valentine’s Day or another burdened by the sting of unrequited love or lack of romantic prospect. And perhaps the lovey-dovey tidal wave of Feb. 14th intensifies the bitterness of those who are not “feeling the love.”

This is no new state of affairs, as evidenced by the “Vinegar Valentine,” a saucy little Victorian Valentine’s tradition. A vinegar valentine is, as the name suggests, a sour missal bearing an insulting rhyme and illustration. Each one pokes fun at a particular caricature of a person: the miser, the womanizer, the old maid, the gossipmonger, the pesky suitor, the insufferable mother-in-law, and oh how the list goes on…

These witty gems, while certainly uncharitable, are immensely entertaining when taken in good humor. Behold our top 10 favorite vinegar valentines:

The False Woman:


The Rude Saleslady:


The Unwelcome Suitor:


The Eavesdropper:


Miss Vanity:


The Bubble Gum Smacker:


The Henpecked Husband:


The Snake-In-The-Grass:


The Tyrannical Mother-In-Law:


The Cocky Geiser:


Source: “Happy Valentine’s Day, i Hate You.” Collectors Weekly. 5 Feb. 2013 <;.


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