A Door Step Party

door step partyNo doubt, summer is the most social season the year. It is a time for block parties with the neighbors, family vacations, camping trips, evenings spent in the company of friends on the back deck.

Door-step parties were a favorite summer pastime for the Victorians. The Beard sisters described such an event vividly in their 1887 publication, The American Girl’s Handy Book:

Now is just the time for a door-step party; now when the beauty of the evening lures us from the lighted parlor to the shadowy piazza whose coolness is so attractive after the long, hot summer day. Here soft breezes fan our cheeks and here, perhaps the moonlight filtering through vine and trellis is carpeting the floor with lacy shadows, and with its soft mysterious light is casting a glamour over all familiar things…

Summer has a vitality all its own and boasts an extensive repertoire of sensory experiences: the crack of a baseball bat from the kids playing in the cul-de-sac and the telltale tune of the ice cream truck making its rounds; the aromas of fresh-cut grass, warm rain, and charcoal fire; the taste of fresh berries and dripping ice cream cones; the feel of the summer sun on your skin and the glint of fireflies in the night sky. These shared experiences are what make this season so magical. So fire up those citronella candles, cut open a watermelon, and host a door-step party of your own!


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